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Tips to choose a health insurance company

Even with the new regulations, many people still fail to understand the importance of a good health insurance plan, till they are stuck in circumstances where they need it the most. At the same time, most people don’t understand the importance of choosing the right health insurance carrier to partner with.If you are currently looking…


The various benefits of individual health insurance policies

With the health reform, there are now a number of different benefits you can secure with individual health insurance policies as employees and small businesses. The latest range of benefits are motivating more people to buy individual health insurance plans while at the same time shifting small businesses towards defined contribution health plan models. This…

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Making the best of your company health benefits

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit’s Security Administration (EBSA) regulates several important health benefits that employer based plans offer. While a majority of companies offer health coverage to their employees, many of them fail to educate them on the practical benefits offered.There are also a number of laws that protect your right to health benefits…