Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance also known as Commercial auto insurance protects the business from potential lawsuits or financial loss that they may be exposed to for any vehicle that the business owns.

If your business owns vehicles, or if your business involves transportation with cars, trucks, or vans, commercial auto insurance will be a vital asset for you. You need to be aware that New York commercial auto insurance is required for companies, and that your personal auto insurance package will not act as a substitute. For business owners who use their vehicle in professional and personal settings, it is necessary to secure commercial insurance on top of your personal insurance. It is also important to be aware that your needs when it comes to commercial auto insurance can exceed what you require from your personal insurance.

Driving can be unpredictable, and unpredictability is rarely beneficial for a business of any size. Our NYC insurance experts can work with you to determine what level of support you might need to receive from commercial insurance, while also helping you find policies that work with your current budget.