Workers Compensation & Disability Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a work related injury or illness that helps the employee cover medical bills, wages and that they will be fairly compensated. It also helps give peace of mind to the employer knowing that an employee’s injury or illness will not hurt them financially or possibly bankrupt their business. Disability insurance helps protect you and your loved ones from any type financial hardship that a covered disability might cause.

Obviously, your goal is to create a work environment where your employees remain safe. Unfortunately, it can be hard to anticipate the many accidents that can occur in the course of a job. By assessing the risks that your employees face, examining the many different New York insurance policies regarding workers compensation, our team can point you to a plan that is able to keep employees covered even when they suffer injuries that put their health in severe jeopardy, or demand long recovery times. When employees know that they are protected in the event of an accident, they can feel more comfortable, and happier overall in the workplace. When you have the disability insurance as well, you can make sure your people are protected in the event they are not able to return to work without putting yourself in a financially precarious situation.