Disability Insurance

Disabilities can create financial hardship for individuals and families. Disability insurance helps protect you and your family from financial disaster in case you may not be able to work whether it be short term disability or long term disability tax free.

While long term care insurance is meant to assist individuals with medical costs linked to their infirmity, disability insurance is meant to address the loss of income during a period where someone is unable to work. Coverage for short-term and long-term disability can be important to review. In either scenario, a lack of support at a crucial moment can be devastating. Our informed support on matters of New York disability insurance can help you to find and select a package that gives your family meaningful coverage.

  • Short-term disability policies can cover relatively brief (but financially costly) absences from
    work. You can receive payout after an injury that requires surgery, or an extended period of rest.
    You can even receive disability payment for maternity! If a potential interruption in your work life
    could hurt your family financially, short-term disability can help you stay in control of your
    finances until you recover.
  • Long-term disability policies tend to take longer to start providing payments, but they cancontinue to deliver support for an extended period of time. The policy you receive can determine how long you can collect payments, and how large these payouts might be.