Health Insurance

Off Market place Plans, Medicare, Essential Plan – (Off Marketplace Plans – Off market place plans is health insurance that is not have any government assistance and does not go through the states marketplace to get insured. Getting health insurance coverage off the marketplace is an easier way to get health insurance coverage.) ( Medicare – Medicare is for individuals that are 65 years old and older. Medicare insurance has several options you can choose from such as Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) , Supplemental Plans also known as Medigap Coverage and standalone drug plans (Part D). (Essential Plan – Essential plans are for lower income individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid or Child Health Plus plans. Essential plans cost as little as $20.00 per month and has a zero deductible.

If your health insurance is not automatically provided by your employer, it can be difficult to feel confident that you have the right coverage because there are so many options available. Our New York insurance experts understand the different plans available that fall outside of company coverage, and those that are independent of government assistance through the Health Marketplace. We can review the benefits of different off market plans that can fit your budget, help you secure Medicare coverage, and determine if an Essential plan might be the right option for you based on your financial situation and health needs. Selecting the right plan means more than finding the cheapest option available to you – our team is committed to helping you identify the coverage that can best respond to your potential health needs.