Renters Insurance

Renters insurance helps tenants protect their valuable possessions if the home they’re renting is burglarized, in a fire or even being named in a lawsuit.

You should feel confident that you and your possessions are safe and protected at home, even if you happen to be renting the space you call home. New York renters insurance provides tenants with a means of collecting payments for personal possessions are destroyed by natural disaster or problems with flooding, fire, and similar occurrences. Different policies can extend to cover business possessions (important if you work from home), protect you from lawsuits, pay for damages to personal property that occur outside your rental space, and even extend liability coverage to your dog! Because our New York insurance experts are deeply knowledgeable about renters insurance, and stay informed about the different policy options open to you, we can give you the assurance that your renters insurance has all of your needs addressed.